Saturday, April 12, 2014

Keep Students Organized with Folders!

Do your students seem to lose everything?!  Well if so, I have a tip that might help you out!  Teaching students to stay organized is a major component of my classroom.  I do this in a very simple, yet effective way.  It is simple, cheap, and easy!  Check out my Bright Idea for keeping students organized with folders!

The basic idea is a simple one.  RED means STOP and GREEN means GO - that's easy!  The students have two folders - one red and one green.

The red folder symbolizes STOP, because it never goes home.  It always stays in the student desk.  This houses all unfinished work that needs to be completed while at school.  

The green folder symbolizes GO, because it goes home each and every day.  I label the folder with one side saying "Leave at Home" and the other side saying "Return to School".  When we pass out papers at the end of the day, the students place them in one of the two pockets.

So that's it!  Easy, simple, cheap, and effective!  Have your kiddos organized in no time!  Just a helpful tip: I usually purchase the green and red folders during back to school time for pennies at local retailers.  Get started next year with some red and green folders!

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