Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Blog Design - LOVE IT!

Oh my goodness!  Check out my new blog design - so excited!  I chose a pre-made design by Dreamlike Magic Designs and I love it!!  If there is someone out there in Blogland that has the same design, please forgive me.  I searched and searched through many, many, many blogs trying to make sure I wasn't duplicating a design from anyone.  I didn't find this one anywhere.  So if this is like yours, I am super duper sorry!!  If not, YAY and I hope you love it :)

This is my first post with the new blog design, so I hope the signature works down below.  I'm excited to see it!  AND if you have my button, please grab the new one to the right.


Amy said...

It's very cute!!

Mandy said...

Love it!

meghan said...

Love your new design!

Third Grade in the First State

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love your new design!


Miss Foote said...


Chickadee Jubilee

Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

It looks great! I haven't seen this one before and I really like the gray against the bright colors :) Nice!!

3rd Grade Thoughts

Lisa R. said...

I am LOVING your new blog design!! I am anxiously waiting for mine to get redone! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Sandy said...

I LOVE your new blog design AND your blog!!!!! Very cute!!!!! :-)

Linda said...

Your new blog design looks fantastic, Jamie!

Delighted said...

Love it! I have looked and looked...but have never seen this one before. :-)

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

So pretty!
First Grade Blue Skies

Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

Thank you guys!! :)


Laura said...

Love the colors! So cute!!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Mrs. M said...

Love it ;)
Color Me Kinder

PSD To Wordpress said...

Wow awesome design!The look of your new blog design is just superb..Really love it...

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