Thursday, March 22, 2012

Common Core Graphic Organizers: 1st Grade Edition

Hi guys!  I am finally finished with the Common Core Graphic Organizers: 1st Grade Edition!  I've had many, many requests for this so I hope some of you firsties find it helpful.

Check out the graphic organizers included!

If 2nd Grade is more your style, {Click Here} to Download the 2nd Grade Common Core Graphic Organizers!

I'll be back with my Fairy Tale Common Core Unit when I get it finished!  Thanks for stopping in!



FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Added it to my wish list!
First Grade Blue SKies

Laura said...

Wow, Jamie! Nice work! These look great!!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Jamie said...

Thank you!

Jamie said...

These are great! Have you ever thought about making them for third grade as well? ;-)

Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

UPDATED on 6/26/12: Common Core Graphic Organizers: 3rd Grade Edition is now uploaded on TPT. You can find it here:

Jamie :)

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