Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you need some fun money activities?

I am teaching money right now.  After the whole group lesson, we break up into small groups for guided instruction.  I needed something to keep my kiddos engaged while I was working in small groups, so I designed these math activities/centers for my students to work on when I'm with a small group.  I think they're super cute!  Click on the picture or Click Here to Download.

You can get a sneak peek of what's included in the preview picture below.

Do you all teach math this way?  I guess it would be a form of guided math.  I teach whole-group for 15-20 minutes, then break into small groups where I meet with each group for a set time.  This allows for good differentiation of the content AND assessment.  How do you teach math?  What keeps your kiddos busy and engaged during small group time?  Leave me a comment below.  

In the words of Junie B. Jones, Wowie Wow Wow, I have 200+ followers!  You know what that means...GIVEAWAY TIME!  I'll be back tomorrow to post all the details :)



Gladys said...

Oh my goodness...this looks great! This will definitely be going on my wishlist!


Sandra said...

The unit looks great!

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Lisa said...

I teach math in small groups also! I LOVE it!

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

We use Envision...but this looks great!
First Grade Blue Skies

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

we use envision too...well, I KIND OF use it..lol...I use my own resources and teach in small groups, but going along with the pacing guide and lessons from the series...
this is too cute - in my wishlist!

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Jennifer said...

This unit looks fantastic!!

The First Grade Dream

Hadar said...

This is great! I'm a new follower :)

Miss Kindergarten
My Fabulous Finds

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Stephanie Stinchecum said...

I love this!!! This is great!! Definitely want to plan to get this!!


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